Podcast Debut: Sacred Spaces Radio

Today we launch a brand new podcast – Sacred Spaces Radio! This podcast is a collaboration between Citizen:Earth Media and Breathe Yoga & Wellness in Morganton, NC. In each episode we deliver stories of discipline, devotion, and coming home to self shared by people who have carved out a sacred space of their own. Our hope at Sacred Spaces radio is that you might find inspiration that starts or deepens your own practice.

In this episode, Rhonda interviews Zack Paben at his home in Marion, NC. Zack is co-founder and CEO of the non-profit organization More Heart Than Scars. In this show, we get to hear about how he maintains life-balance in the face of real-life demands and a past that sometimes haunts him. Zack finds grounding and centerdness at his outdoor bow-and-arrow range. Shooting arrows is his meditation practice.

Listen to the episode and view additional content and resources on the Breathe website!

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