#151 – Conversations With Christians: Planting Churches at Home and Abroad

In high school, we played in emo/prog rock bands with Billy and Drew Glosson. Today they are Church planters! We talk to Drew about his experiences spreading the Gospel in Japan before delving in to an exploration of how we differ in our viewpoints and why.

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  1. I found this one a bit frustrating. Having experienced both the full range of religious ecstasy/joy/meaning for many years AND the full range of rational ecstasy/joy/meaning, I can say definitively which I prefer. However, your guests only know the former and have no idea how rich and robust life can be without superstition. Thier argument is based purely on the egocentric sense that, “because it is mine, it must be best.”

    Two fish in a bowl. The first fish has never lived anywhere but the bowl. The second has lived in a pond, a stream, a lake, and a tank. Which fish would be better able to determine the most desirable place to live?

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