Who’s on the Ballot? 2017 Local Election Info

If you live in Morganton, here is a list of all the candidates you will be able to vote on during the upcoming election on November 7. Also noted is whether or not we have completed or scheduled an interview. Many local politicians we were unable to initiate contact with. Most simply won’t return our phone calls, some did return our calls but said they’d call us back to schedule the interview (then never answered any subsequent phone calls), and some apparently do not want to be contacted since they have no information listed on file.

Morganton City Council – District 4

  • Wendy Cato // Interview Completed
  • John Henry // Interview Scheduled
  • Artie Mae Mckesson-Logan // Unable to contact

Morganton City Council – District 3

Burke County Board of Education

  • Buddy Armour (Central District) // Unable to contact
  • Sam Wilkinson (Eastern District // Unable to contact
  • Seth Hunt (Western District) // Declined interview request
  • Herbert McDowell (Western District) // Unable to contact
  • Ty Chapman (Western District) // Unable to contact

Click here to check your registration status and confirm your polling location.


Early Voting Dates & Times:

Thursday Oct. 19th: 8am to 5pm
Friday Oct. 20th: 8am to 5pm
M-F Oct. 23 – 27th: 8am to 5pm
M-F Oct. 30 – Nov 3rd: 8am to 5pm
Saturday Nov. 4th: 8am to 1pm

Early Voting Sites:

Burke County Board of Elections – 2128S. Sterling St, Morganton
Burke County Senior Center – 501 N. Green St, Morganton
Glen Alpine Town Hall – 103 Pitt St, Glen Alpine
Rutherford College Town Hall – 980 Malcolm Blvd, Rutherford College
Hildebran Library/Senior Center – 101 Main Ave West, Hildebran

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