#66 – Clearing the Air with John Cantrell, City Councilman & Mayor Pro Tem


John Cantrell has been on the city council for years and is our back up Mayor should anything happen to Mayor Thompson. He’s also lived in Morganton most of his life and has a great love for the area. We talk to him about his background & experiences, his opinions on the SBI investigation against Gary Leonhardt and the empty city council seat, and how the younger generation of Morganton can more effectively engage with the city. During the intro we address the closing of the Mimosa Lanes bowling alley and the misinformation spread by the owner and local media.

“Owner Says Mimosa Lanes Closing Doors Sunday” – The News Herald
“Unfounded: SBI concludes allegations don’t hold water” – The News Herald
“New plan needed to fill Morganton City Council vacancy” – The News Herald

Local music featured in this episode:
Mat Masterson – New York City Blues
Mat Masterson – Ain’t Rich, Ain’t Broke Feat. Cyn Roc and Donkor La Ron

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