#109 – ELECTION 2016: Warren Daniel (R), NC Senate Candidate

Warren is our sitting senator for our district in the NC General Assembly. After getting to know him we get down to the issues with community questions, have a long discussion about HB2, gerrymandering, and the Republican control of state government.

Jeff Jackson’s speech about gerrymandering
Isaac’s article about HB2

Special thanks to all those who asked community questions, our master of ceremonies Phillip Epley, Bombhouse Recording and Dandelion


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  1. This discussion on HB2 is going from the sublime to the ridiculous. For Warren to say that when u essentially extend rights or protection to one group you take away rights from another is patently false. Who lost their rights when women got the right to vote? Who lost rights when slaves were finally declared citizens? or when blacks actually were given more protection of their civil rights including the right to vote or the right to live in a decent house or use a public restroom or drinking fountain?

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