BONUS: Burke Chamber Candidate Forum (County)

For the County Commissioner portion of the candidate forum last week at WPCC, the candidates were again asked a set of five questions unknown in advance. Citizen:Earth Media submitted a question regarding how the candidates would factor in the views, opinions, and life goals of the younger generations. Other questions were asked about a flexible school calendar, economic growth, the jail/courthouse, and county sheriff department pay. 

L.O.C.A.L. – Let Our Calendars Be Local



  1. Jeff Morse, allowed every park/the rec. center and all places to completely rot. Not to mention all the manufacturing plants to leave Valdese. What does he think he can offer Burke County?

  2. Jeff Morse is my father, so admittedly, I am biased to an extent. However, I spent my entire life watching him dedicate the majority of his life to the Town of Valdese. No one has more passion for and commitment to Valdese. He never stopped working to improve the lives of the citizens, and the recreation facility was, in reality, his passion project. The renovation of the recreation center, including the construction of the olympic pool and the bubble, the fitness center, and new recreation options, were hallmarks of his tenure. For many citizens, the rec is a point of pride in our town.

    As most small towns in America can attest, the loss of manufacturing has been devastating and beyond the control of local governments. International trade and a globalized economy have had a crushing effect on traditional American manufacturing and the town of Valdese, under the leadership of my father, Jeff, and the council and mayor, worked creatively and diligently to find grants and various other incentives to attract new industry and small business to Valdese. And many times they have been successful. In fact, Valdese received the Governor’s Innovative Small Business Community Award for its achievements. My dad was tenacious. He gave Valdese his every waking hour. He took phone calls from citizens around the clock. My childhood was spent riding with him in the middle of the night to help fix waterline breaks or check on a streetlight that someone told him was not working. I listened to him take calls from concerned citizens at meals, at my sporting events, in the car, on vacations…he lived his life to serve the people who live in Valdese. He would do no less for Burke County.

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