#117 – Conversations with Christians: Is Homosexuality Wrong?

Today’s conversation features, from left to right: David Doster (Burke Community Bible Church), Mike Thompson (Faith Presbyterian Church), and Marshall Jolly (Grace Episcopal Church). We started this series to foster healthy debate between ourselves (nonbelievers) and Christians.  We often get frustrated since almost any point of difference between a non-believer and a Christian will eventually lead back to belief in the very foundation of the religion. This is the first episode in the series featuring multiple Christians who have different perspectives on a topic, and there is a debate within the believers as well as without. Had it been just us with today’s topic, we would’ve ended up debating the assertion that the Bible is divine & revealed truth. However this is mostly a conversation between Christians who (generally) accept that proposition, yet reach different conclusions about homosexuality.

NC music provided by NAKED GODS from Boone, NC.


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