Bernie must run for President despite all odds.

Cruz just backed out of the race for our President. Fine by me, his religious radicalism would’ve been horrible for this country anyway. Kasich quickly dropped out too, leaving Trump as the de facto leader of the GOP. Much could be said about this Idiocracy-esque state of affairs, but I’ll leave that analysis for a podcast episode. What is really on my mind currently is the Democratic race. Bernie just won Indiana, but he’s still behind in delegates and his chances at grabbing the nomination are at best unclear and at worst very low.

Whatever the verdict of the primaries, I’ve been leaning towards writing in Bernie Sanders on the ballot in the general.

Personally I’ve been on board since I learned about his financing rules for his campaign. There are many other reasons I support Bernie, but I’d almost have to vote for him just because of that. Rejecting the influence of big money through crowd funding is the closest thing to democracy we’ve ever had. Because of this and MANY other reasons, Bernie can boldly claim with earnest that he is a true people’s candidate.

However there is something that would cause me to change my mind: if Bernie drops out, ever, for any reason.

This may seem like a trivial statement since voting for him after he drops outwould be a waste, but I’ve come to realize that Bernie MUST continue his campaign regardless of the outcome at the convention. It’s a moral imperative. To do otherwise would undermine all of the effort put in by his supporters towards getting him elected so far.

If he’s truly serious about his message, the entire reason why we are all behind him, then letting the defunct, outdated, corrupt two-party system decide whether we can vote for him as our president is proof that his seriousness is an illusion, and that he is not the right man for the job.

Bernie must run for President despite all odds. It is the only thing that is logically consistent with his message. The reason why he has inspired such a movement is because we think he is the leader we want.

We want a President that doesn’t let the system he is fighting against decide the terms of engagement.

Bernie might not be that man. We’ll see.

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