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“Isaac and Sam are great at stirring the pot and asking critical questions. This is a compelling podcast that seeks to understand how to be a decent human being in a chaotic world. Great stuff! Always entertaining and engaging.” – Donnie Gerry

“I love C:E and the work they do. As someone not even living in NC, I wish I had a podcast like this to discuss life and politics in my community. I especially like the bigger, more existential episodes they do. Excellent podcast for people who appreciate the small and big aspects of life on Earth.” – joshmatejka

“Great show, love listening to the Crouch brothers handle local topics. Keep up the great work!” – Sfscoach

“The Citizen:Earth Media podcast guys rock. I often listen imagining that Isaac and Sam are wearing their holiday sweaters at all times. If you want your brain to feel and think things it’s never quite felt or known before, you want to listen to this podcast. I’ve also never not almost peed myself laughing at least once during an episode. You can grab a craft beer or 2 or 3 and listen along as if you’re hanging out with a few buddies, and at the end you’ll feel like your life’s just a little bit better.” – Abigail at The Lenoir Voice

“I would know nothing of local politics if it were’t for the Citizen:Earth podcast and it helped me make decisions on who I was actually voting for and where they stood on issues that I find important. My favorite episodes have been where they have guests on who have a positive outlook to share. Jim Dahlin, Bart Campolo, and Alex Garcia to name a few. Isaac and Sam have some great intros too. Take the time and give these guys a listen.” – LBLaCombe

“Love this podcast! The two brothers make an awesome dynamic in conversation they have about our small town. Thanks guys and keep it up!” – almeishon1712