About Citizen:Earth Media

Citizen: Earth is a weekly podcast focused on local culture, good movies, good beer and intelligent discussion .  From Morganton,  North Carolina; the hosts offer their perspectives and opinions on a diverse variety of topics.  Citizen: Earth strives to support and promote local thinkers, artists, and musicians  that are contributing to our community in a positive way.  We are inspired by the inherent ability of the podcasting medium to transmit and preserve the views and opinions of the average Earthling.  In that spirit, we present to you our ramblings on whatever topic happens to interest us.  Consider this an archive of information for the alien civilizations who will inevitably be sifting through endless amounts of digital clutter in a futile attempt to understand our beautiful and terrifying culture.

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Isaac Crouch
Audio Engineer

Sam Crouch Host Producer

Sam Crouch

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Marty James
Video production
Video editing

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Zach Riddle
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The official goals of our podcast and media group are: 

  1. To promote the local culture of Morganton/WNC by connecting our listeners to it's unique and diverse population. We seek out artists, musicians, freethinkers, entrepreneurs, faith leaders, activists, politicians, and other citizens for personal, unscripted interviews.
  2. To preserve the local culture of Morganton/WNC. All content we produce is digital and is stored and backed up on the world wide web. Until the apocalypse happens, it will be available for future generations to understand and appreciate those that came before them.
  3. To advocate for critical thinking and the open exploration of ideas from all aspects of the human condition - religion, science, politics, art, technology, etc.
  4. To foster compassion and respect among opposing perspectives and worldviews, be it Democrat vs. Republican, Atheist vs. Christian, or anything else.  

Contact Us

Citizen: Earth would love for you to be a part of our podcast.  Are you a musician or band? Lets's do an interview and a live session.  Are you a local or regional business?  Let's collaborate so we can promote you.  Are you an artist in any way? Let us help you share your creations with the world.  If you'd just like to say hello and let us know how much you enjoy (or loathe) our podcast, we'd love to hear from you.  Send us a message through the form below, or contact us through social media.

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