Podcasting is still a new and growing medium, so we'd like to take a minute to describe how it works for those of you who may be unfamiliar. Similar to a magazine or a newspaper, you can subscribe to a podcast and have the podcast "delivered" to you whenever a new episode is released. Unlike a magazine, the content of a podcast is digital, and "delivery" simply means the podcast is downloaded to your phone, tablet, or computer. You can then listen to the podcast at your convenience. One of the most common uses of podcasts are to pass time during long driving commutes, however we also highly recommend podcasting while doing yoga, house/yard work, or anything else that is monotonous enough that your mind is able to focus on the content of the podcast while doing the task.  

How to Subscribe

For a newspaper, you must have a delivery driver to physically bring the content to your door. However for podcasting the task of delivery is taken care of by what is called an RSS feed. This is what the button at the top of this page links to. Simply put, once you're all set up, your device will refresh the RSS feed, and if there is a new episode it will then download. 

You must have a specific program or app in order to do this. Itunes is certainly the most popular if you are using your PC, and there are a number of apps on Android, iOS, and Windows that will allow you to do the same on your tablet or phone. Once you have the app installed, the subscribe link at the top of this page needs to be entered in to the app (or conversely, if you click on the link after you install the app it will most likely automatically open and add the podcast). 

Screenshot of the BeyondPod app

Screenshot of the BeyondPod app

Here are our recommendations for podcasting apps:

  1. BeyondPod for Android.
  2. Downcast for iOS

Happy podcasting! We are happy to help with technical issues that may arise when you try to subscribe. Use the contact form on the About page if you need help!